The Top 10 Sterling Silver Candlesticks That you Must See

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Unique Designs for Shabbat, Jewish Holidays and Everyday Use


Sterling silver candlesticks are one of the most popular items of Judaica and are a year round bestseller. Candlesticks are not only essential for Shabbat and Jewish holiday rituals, but are a beautiful home decor item and a sophisticated addition to any table. 

Candles and oil lamps were the only really effective form of indoor lighting for thousands of years. A banquet, ball, or other prestigious event could be lit up with literally hundreds of expensive beeswax candles. Even with the advent of gaslight and then electricity, candles remained popular. 

Today, candles are valued as a status symbol in exclusive restaurants, and are prized for the romantic and intimate atmosphere that they create around a dining table or in a bedroom. Humans depended on fire for warmth, light, security and cooking since the very earliest prehistoric times. We still have a deep human connection to flickering candle flames. 

Why do we Buy Sterling Silver Candlesticks?

925 sterling silver was traditionally the ideal material for high quality candlesticks. Gold was – and still is – far too expensive for most people who buy luxury tableware. Sterling silver has always been seen as an ‘affordable luxury’. It was also the first choice for silversmiths and artisans. The 925 sterling silver alloy is malleable enough to easily create beautiful candlesticks and other items, but is robust. 

Candlesticks made of 925 sterling silver are less likely to dent or deform if you drop them. They are also slower to tarnish and are easy to polish. Silver is also a beautiful, visually attractive metal. A gleaming silver candlestick compliments the light of the flame and adds some shine and glamor to the dining table. The best Jerusalem silversmiths combine gleaming sterling silver with blue enamel, or blue anodized aluminum to recreate the traditional blue and white colors of Judaism. 

Sterling silver candlesticks are the ideal combination of luxury and functionality. They look amazing when arranged on a formal dinner table, and are beautiful ornaments in their own right. Candles can also be lit to add atmosphere to any room, especially in winter. 925 sterling silver is fairly easy to clean and maintain. If you are hosting a Shabbat dinner, or any dinner party or formal event, it only takes a few minutes to polish your silverware to a professional shine. 

Are Silver Candlesticks Safe to Use at Home?

If you take a few basic common sense safety precautions, silver candlesticks are completely safe to use at home. All the candlesticks and menorahs on sale at Nadav Art are designed with safety in mind. The basic designs have been tried and tested over centuries. They go back to a time when families depended on candles and lamps as a source of light. Safety was – and is – a prerequisite.

  1. Buy silver candlesticks with a flat, stable base or tripod legs.
  2. Don’t leave any naked flame unattended
  3. Consider buying a candlestick set that comes with its own silver tray
  4. Don’t allow children unsupervised access to candles and matches
  5. Follow local safety recommendations for household fire extinguishers and smoke alarms. 

How do I Clean my Silver Candlesticks

Everybody has their own methods for cleaning sterling silver candlesticks and silverware. Some methods are definitely more effective than others, but you’re unlikely to damage 925 sterling silver if you’re reasonably careful. 

If your silver candlesticks are splashed with wax, it’s usually fairly easy to remove. Some people go as far as to put their candlesticks in the freezer to freeze the wax before scraping it off. Most wax will wipe off with a warm damp cloth dipped in soapy water, although it may take several passes. 

Once the wax is off, you can give the silver candlestick a quick wash and a thorough rinse. It’s important to dry it carefully to prevent tarnishing. If you live in a humid location, you may notice tarnishing over time anyway. A regular polish is recommended to keep the candlesticks immaculate. 

There are loads of commercially produced cleaning products for silverware. They’re usually either a liquid or a gel and can be applied with an old cloth or rag. It’s worth setting your candlesticks out on some old newspaper and wearing rubber gloves when you polish them. It can be messy. 

Old fashioned methods for cleaning silverware included rubbing and polishing with a handful of sand and vinegar. If you’re out of cleaning fluids, try mixing a paste with white vinegar, boiling water, salt, and baking soda. You can also use toothpaste to shine up tarnished spots in an emergency.

Top 10 Sterling Silver Candlesticks

Nadav Art is one of Jerusalem’s most famous Judaica producers. All the sterling silver candlesticks on sale in the online store are suitable for use as Shabbat candlesticks and are also ideal for Jewish holidays. Most of the boutique designs are also versatile enough to use for a romantic candlelit dinner, or to add some extra ambience when you relax by a log fire with a glass of wine!

Handmade sterling silver candlesticks from Jerusalem are a wonderful Jewish wedding gift, and we also recommend them as a special housewarming present. You definitely don’t have to be Shomer Shabbat, or even Jewish to buy silver Judaica candlesticks. They’re a sophisticated gift that’s ideal for anybody who appreciates fine silverware and enjoys candlelit dinners. 

Luxury Sterling Silver Candlesticks


The best handmade Judaica from Jerusalem represents generations of craftsmanship and displays all the secrets of expert Jewish silversmithing. Collectors items include gem studded sterling silver candlesticks, crafted with Israeli onyx, Eilat stones, amethysts, and delicate Yemenite filigree work. These exquisite handmade items are a once in a lifetime purchase that will eventually become treasured family heirlooms. 

The Top 3 Luxury Silver Candlesticks from Jerusalem


Our Top 10 sterling silver candlesticks are headed by 3 special items of handmade Judaica from Jerusalem. All the Top 3 are decorated with beautiful Israeli amethysts. The polished purple stones are chosen for the amazing contrast that they create with polished 925 sterling silver. The only gemstones that create an equally striking effect are pigeon blood rubies. 

1.Slender filigree candlesticks with Israeli amethysts


These tall, slender silver candlesticks are a true work of art from Jerusalem. The intricate silver filigree work is studded with purple Israeli amethysts, polished to bring out the best individual qualities in each stone. Each candlestick is also decorated with a Shabbat blessing in handcrafted silver solder. The traditional design creates an authentic antique effect and you could easily imagine these candlesticks lighting up an ancient royal table. They look elegant –

2. Ornate silver filigree candlesticks with large amethysts


King Solomon or King David might have been jealous of these modern handmade treasures from Jerusalem. The two incredibly ornate filigree silver candlesticks are fit for a palace! Each candlestick is decorated with handpicked Israeli amethysts, chosen for their perfect shape, depth of color and size. A closer look at the slender stems shows that the intricate silver filigree work is combined with handcrafted silver solder work. Each candlestick is covered in Hebrew blessings for Shabbat.  The 925 sterling silver candlestick set comes with its own immaculately polished silver tray. The simplicity of the tray is designed to create a contrast and highlight the ornamentation of the candlesticks. 

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3. Floral silver candlesticks with Israeli amethysts

Floral silver candlesticks with Israeli amethystsThese exquisitely wrought silver candlesticks are a tribute to nature. The slender bodies are handcrafted to resemble the stems of flowers and are cleverly decorated with leaf designs. Each bud is a polished purple amethyst that beautifully compliments the gleaming silverwork. This level of detail and precision is Jewish silversmithing at its very best and the tall candlesticks will make an imposing display on even the largest dinner table. Like all Nadav Art Shabbat candlesticks, these works of art are also entirely functional. They will give you a lifetime of safe use and will become prized family treasures. 

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4. Silver and onyx candlesticks for Shabat


These wonderful handmade Shabbat candlesticks deserve a special mention. They don’t make it into the Top 3 sterling silver candlesticks because they are in a class of their own. The candlesticks are crafted from either blue, pink, or yellow Israeli onyx and stand on wrought silver legs. The candle holders are also handmade from 925 sterling silver and are decorated with traditional Yemenite filigree work. Hand carved and polished Israeli onyx is a truly beautiful, unusual and mysterious stone. It looks like marble at first glance, but is warmer and more alluring. These tall onyx and silver candles have an ancient Biblical look and will attract a lot of admiration at your Shabbat table.


5. Large silver pillar Shabbat candlesticks


925 sterling silver is a truly versatile material. It’s one of the few precious metals that can look totally amazing without any ornamentation or decoration. The gleaming silver surface of these imposing Shabbat candlesticks is all the decoration that you’ll need. You’ll be amazed at how they reflect the light, and lend a touch of simplicity and solidity to even the most splendid dinner table. The Shabbat candlesticks are inspired by the design of ancient temple columns. Their sculpted stems are perfectly and precisely crafted. They stand on wide tapering bases and support traditionally shaped silver cups. They look equally amazing on a starched white linen tablecloth or an ultra-modern designer table. 

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6. Noa large traditional Judaica silver candlesticks 

Top 10 Sterling Silver Candlesticks

The filigree candlesticks are part of the Nadav Art boutique Judaica collection and are extremely popular with lovers of traditional Judaica. The Noa silver Shabbat candlesticks are handmade in Jerusalem from 925 sterling silver and follow centuries of fine Judaica design. The elegant silver stems flow in a bulbed design that is pleasing to both the eye and the hand. The candlesticks are subtly decorated with circular bands of fine silver filigree work. The decoration is perfectly proportioned and enhances and compliments the flowing design and gleaming silver surfaces. These are sophisticated and very special items of Judaica that will appeal to connoisseurs of traditional Jewish silversmithing. 

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7. Hammered silver candlestick set with silver tray

Sterling Silver Judaica Buying Guide Sterling Silver Judaica Buying Guide - NADAV ART

One of the most popular finishes for 925 sterling silver Judaica products is a hammered silver effect. The slightly rough, uneven finish of these hammered silver candlesticks is especially beautiful. The hundreds of hammered indentations glimmer in the light and create a stunning effect. The hammered finish gives these traditional silver candlesticks an aged and antique look. If you love traditional Judaica, the simple rugged elegance of these Shabbat candlesticks will delight. The candlesticks are designed for daily use and are robust, functional items. They come with a handmade tray that has hammered silver handles. The gleaming silver bed of the tray creates a wonderful contrast with the candlesticks themselves. 

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8. Designer minimalist silver candlesticks by Israeli designers


Modern designer Judaica often embraces minimalism. These superb silver candlesticks are simple but intriguing. The design is functional and there is no decoration, but the gleaming 925 sterling silver interacts with the light to create a striking effect. These modern designer Shabbat candles are a great gift for anybody who loves art deco or Scandinavian minimalism. They are definitely unconventional, but have their own elegance and are extremely stylish. The designer silver Shabbat candles are also ideal for anybody who celebrates Shabbat on the move. If you’re traveling, or going on holiday, they will take up very little space. 

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9. Designer hammered silver candlesticks

Large Modern Silver Hammered CandlesticksAnybody who thinks Judaica is old-fashioned should check out these amazing designer silver candlesticks. The stem of each candlestick is joined to the base by a spherical silver globe – almost like an industrial ball joint. It creates a surreal, disjointed effect that Salvador Dali would have been proud of! The candlesticks appear to be balancing precariously and leaning out at an awkward angle. In fact, they’re superbly designed and are completely stable and safe to use. The hammered silver patina catches and reflects the light, adding to the striking design. These designer hammered silver candlesticks are a unique and highly unusual item of modern judaica. They are already a collectors piece. 

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10. Silver Jewish menorah candle set

Silver Jewish menorah candle setNo collection of top 10 sterling silver candlesticks would be complete without a Jewish menorah set. The menorah, or Jewish candelabra, is one of the most iconic symbols of Judaism and Jewish art and culture. Menorahs are also top selling Judaica products. This beautiful menorah candle set is handmade in Jerusalem from 925 sterling silver and features nine silver cups for Shabbat candles or oil pots. The menorah is subtly decorated with bands of ornate handcrafted silver filigree work. This gleaming candelabra will take pride of place in any Jewish home and will fill any room with flickering candlelight on Shabbat and Jewish holidays. 

Shabbat Shalom from Jerusalem!

Shabbat is a special moment in the week. Even if you’re completely secular, or living alone, there is something magical about lighting Shabbat candles. A set of handmade sterling silver Shabbat candlesticks from Jerusalem is a wonderful gift. The Nadav Art boutique online collections offer a huge range of styles and prices. The one thing that all the silver candlesticks – traditional, modern and designer – have in common is that they are handmade by expert Jerusalem artisans.

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Common Questions and Answers - FAQ

Silver candlesticks are often used in religious ceremonies to symbolize sanctity, purity, and reverence. In Jewish traditions, silver candlesticks are particularly significant for lighting the Shabbat candles
and representing the importance of spiritual light and the observance of sacred rituals.

Absolutely! Silver candlesticks can serve as beautiful standalone decorative pieces, adding elegance and sophistication to a room’s decor. They can be displayed on mantels, shelves, or as centerpieces, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the space.

To maintain the luster and beauty of silver candlesticks, regular cleaning and polishing are recommended. Use a silver polish specifically designed for silverware, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Proper storage, such as in tarnish-resistant bags or cloth, can also help prevent tarnishing.