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Nadav Art has created boutique Judaica collections for every event in the Jewish Calendar and for every Jewish tradition and cultural event like Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs, Brit Milahs, Jewish Weddings,  and also for birthdays, fun events and romantic occasions. We also sell some of the world’s best designer Judaica in our Home Decor range. Choose from traditional designs, and bold modern creations inspired by art deco and global styles.

Nadav Art has created Judaica boutique collections for every event on the Jewish calendar and for every Jewish online casino player. We also stock some of the world’s finest Jewish design items in our range of home decor for lucky days casino with bonuses https://gamblizard.ca/casinos/luckydays-casino-bonus/ players. Ideological handmade gifts from Jerusalem are perfect for online casino players.

Our Shabbat Candles, Kiddush Cups, Seder Plates and other tableware, toys and ritual and religious items are available in 925 sterling silver, colorful anodized aluminum and also in glassware, with ceramics and enameled inlays. Luxury Judaica items often feature exquisite silver filigree work, Israeli amethysts, lapis lazuli and pink onyx. Our finest sterling silver Kiddush Cups and Liquor Cups have gold plated interiors to preserve the exact taste of your wine.

All items in our Judaica collections are handmade in our Jerusalem workshop, just a short walk from the Kotel or Wailing Wall. Our Jerusalem artisans have a background in traditional Yemenite Jewish silversmithing but blend their art with the latest modern styles, design techniques, and tools. Every item from Nadav Art is superbly finished, robust, and functional. Our fine Judaica will last you a lifetime.

Request personalized Judaica or talk to us about commissioning a unique custom item. 

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Handmade Judaica Gifts from Jerusalem

Handmade Judaica from Jerusalem covers a range of beautiful products that capture thousands of years of Jewish culture, history and religious and artistic traditons. Nadav Art’s team of jewelers and designers preserves traditional Judaica styles and explores bold modern Judaica concepts in our family owned Jerusalem workshops and studio. 

In the main Judaica product scare, online casino fans can find out about our exclusive collections of Jerusalem judaica. What maria casino players buy from us is that we sell some of the world’s finest Jewish design home decor items. With us, every fan of casual games in online casinos can choose traditional designs inspired by art deco and world styles.

Handmade Judaica gifts are ideal ways to celebrate Jewish holidays, thank hosts for their hospitality and commemorate special life events like birthdays, anniversaries and graduations. Every Jewish home – religious or secular – should contain at least a few items of handmade Judaica both as a link to past generations, and to our shared Jewish culture and heritage. 

What is Judaica?

There’s a lot of confusion about exactly what Judaica is. Many people have a vague concept of Judaica as antique synagogue items like menorahs or megillas, or dusty old artifacts on a grandparent’s dresser. Judaica is simply a general term for any artistic, practical or religious item that is a part of Jewish culture. 


Judaica products can certainly fulfill ritual and religious needs, but they can also be purely decorative works of art. An abstract oil painting by a modern Israeli artist is just as much Judaica as a handmade silver menorah or etrog box. When it comes to handmade Judaica, there are no limits to styles, influences or materials.


Traditional sterling silver Judaica is still enormously popular, but modern judaica collectors are also buying Judaica gifts made from ceramics, polymer clays, cast concrete, anodized aluminum and other modern materials. The world of Judaica is exciting and full of surprises and is as relevant to Jewish life in 2022 as it was in previous centuries. 

What are Judaica items?

Judaica can – and does include – every item with a connection to Jewish life, culture and religion. For convenience we usually think of three broad categories of Judaica:

  • Religious and ritual Judaica
  • Homeware, silverware and tableware
  • Judaica art and design

All of these categories can include modern Judaica products, traditional Judaica and sterling silver Judaica. 

Some of the most popular online Judaica gifts include menorahs and hanukiahs, silver Shabbat candlesticks, tallit clips, kiddush cups, paintings of Jerusalem and Safed, mezuzahs, challah boards and Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah gifts like Jewish themed jewelry. 


What does Judaica Mean in History?

Possibly the earliest historical items of Judaica were the ritual items used by Moses in the desert. Menorahs have been part of Jewish ritual and tradition since the Exodus, and perhaps before. The Temples and royal courts  in biblical Israel were famous for their treasures. The ancient Jewish artists and craftsmen who decorated the Temples were renowned for their skill and devotion. The early Jewish styles were influenced by Greek and Roman art and sometimes walked a fine line between religious orthodoxy and free expression. 

Judaica evolved over the millenia and were influenced by local styles and traditions across the diaspora. Both traditional Judaica and modern Judaica contain all kinds of diverse influences. Silver Judaica that features ornate Yemenite filigree work may be the closest in style to the ancient Judaica of King Solomon and King David. Modern Judaica may contain elements of art deco, minimalism, abstract art, and a dozen other cultural influences. Beauty today – as throughout history – is in the eye of the beholder!


What is Judaica Art?

Judaica art includes everything from oil paintings and watercolors, to fabric and needlework designs, and painting on glassware. Modern Judaica art also features brightly colored clay polymer sculptures, abstract designs, modernist styles and some amazing materials like desert sands and spoils from Jerusalem archaeological sites. 

Our online Judaica art collection brings you some of Israel’s most talented artists. The range encompasses their massive creativity and passion for Jewish culture and history. Original artwork and art prints are some of the most popular Judaica gifts. A painting of the Wailing Wall, a sunlit Israeli landscape, or an abstract mystical image of Hassidim is a wonderful present. Judaica art looks amazing in any home, lobby or office.


925 Sterling Silver Judaica

Sterling silver Judaica is handcrafted from 925 sterling silver alloy. Jewish craftsmen in Europe learned to use 925 sterling silver from their European counterparts hundreds of years ago. The alloy’s special properties – malleable enough to work easily and robust enough for daily use – make it ideal for silver Judaica like Shabbat candlesticks, kiddush cups, etrog boxes, havdalah sets and silver trays. 925 sterling silver is particularly good for the traditional fine Yemenite silver filigree work that is still hugely popular today.


Sterling silver Judaica is easy to polish to a gleaming shine with any commercial silver polish. Silver Judaica tableware can usually just be wiped down with a damp cloth and then dried and polished. If you’re buying silver Judaica as ornaments, it won’t tarnish rapidly unless you live in a humid environment. An occasional polish is usually enough to keep your silverware beautiful. 


Where to Buy Judaica Online


If you’re lucky enough to be in Jerusalem, you’re very welcome to call in at the Nadav Art Judaica store on Shlomzion Hamalka Street. If you want to buy Judaica online you’re already in the right place. Our online Judaica store has some of the world’s finest handmade silver Judaica, traditional Judaica and exciting modern Judaica. 


Master silversmith Avi Nadav is one of the leading Israeli craftsmen of his generation. He is renowned for his stunning sterling silver Judaica and intricate Yemenite silver filigree work. As well as being an expert silver Judaica jeweler, Avi Nadav pioneered the use of vividly colored anodized aluminum. You can shop the full range of Avi’s exclusive modern and traditional Judaica in the Nadav Art online Judaica store. 


Judaica is a term for objects and articles related to Judaism.

Judaica is a term for objects and articles related to Judaism. Judaica can include items such as Torah scrolls, Shabbat candlesticks, mezuzot, and challah covers.

The word “judaica” comes from the rabbinic Hebrew word “yadaya” which means “things pertaining to the Jews.”

While the most popular Judaica items vary from person to person, there are some common types of Judaica items. These include a mezuzah that every person who defines himself as Jewish should have it on all the doors of his house, a Star of David necklace, and of course Shabbat candlesticks and Kiddush cups.

A good Judaica wedding gift is one that the couple can use and enjoy for the rest of their lives.

Some ideas for Judaica wedding gifts include: set of kiddush cups, challah board, a Shabbat Candlesticks, or any other Jewish Tableware. There are many options for this type of gift so please Enter our website to see the most unique Judaica items for Jewish wedding gift

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