Personalized Judaica

Nadav Art offers you all kinds of Personalized Judaica. From custom name Kiddush Cups to stunning Candlesticks with your family name, you can find it all here!

Personalized Judaica is the perfect way to add a personal touch to your religious celebrations. Whether you’re looking for a unique gift for a friend or family member, or you’re looking for a way to make your own celebrations more special, Nadav Art has what you’re looking for.

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Personalized Judaica


Handmade Judaica from Jerusalem is a wonderful family treasure that can make your home special, and reaffirm your connection with Judaism and the ancient religious sites of Israel. Modern Judaica includes Shabbat silverware and tableware, ritual and religious items, oil paintings and watercolors by talented Israeli artists and hundreds of other items of home decor and even fashion. 


If you plan to buy a gift of Judaica online, or something for your own home, it’s worth talking to us about personalized Judaica. Our Jerusalem jewelers can easily adapt any item of Judaica to add an engraving, silver stamping, inlaid enamel coloring, or silver beading. We love to add names, blessings, dedications, Jewish symbols, psalms or biblical verses, or even gems and birthstones to create personalized Jewish gifts.

What is Personalized Judaica?


Personalized Judaica is basically any existing item of Judaica from our online store or Jerusalem store that we adapt to your specifications. Personalized Judaica is distinct from custom designed Judaica, which are unique items that we work with you to create from scratch.


The most popular types of personalized Judaica are Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah gifts, Jewish wedding presents, graduation gifts and retirement or leaving presents. Personalized Jewish jewelry is very popular, as are special gifts and bequests to synagogues and community centers. 


It’s worth remembering that when you personalize Judaica, it could be as simple as adding someone’s initials, or an enameled heart or a Star of David. Personalizing a gift of Judaica needn’t be a complicated or an expensive process. 


What is a Challah Board?


Personalized challah boards are really popular at the moment. A challah board is a special bread board for the Shabbat challah bread. If you love to set a beautiful table for the Shabbat dinner, a handmade wooden challah board is a wonderful addition to your tableware. Challah boards are also great to have for the high holidays and other important meals. 


Personalized challah boards can be decorated with family names, religious symbols, Shabbat motifs, special dedications to a recipient, or can be ornamented with silver filigree bands, silver leaves or natural designs. The only limits are the size of the challah board and your own imagination. A challah board set comes with a special challah knife, which can also be personalized. 


If you’re buying Shabbat tableware as a Jewish wedding gift, personalized challah boards, kiddush cup sets and silver Shabbat candlesticks make a great set. One reason why personalized challah boards are so popular is that they are also practical items that you’ll use for a lifetime. A polished maple or mahogany board will last for generations if you take care of it. 

Where to buy Jewish Gifts?

If you want to buy top quality, personalized Jewish gifts you have two choices. The first option is to visit our Jerusalem shop. We’ll invite you to drink some Turkish coffee or Israeli tea and take your time over some of the world’s finest handmade Judaica silverware. The second option is to buy Jewish gifts online at Nadav Art. 


Whether you buy from us in person, or shop online, we’ll be delighted to offer advice and help you find the perfect personalized Jewish gifts or personalized Jewish jewelry. If you do buy online, we can guarantee that every single piece of Judaica is handmade in our Jerusalem studio. All our jewelers speak English, so don’t be shy about requesting personalized or even custom-designed Judaica!


Why a Personalized Kiddush Cup Is the Perfect Wedding Gift


Every Jewish home needs a good quality Kiddush cup. Even if you’re not religious, a Kiddush cup is a hugely important cultural item, and Kiddush is part of our heritage. A personalized kiddush cup is the perfect wedding gift. A handmade silver Kiddush cup is a beautiful work of art but is also a practical piece of Shabbat tableware that you’ll use thousands of times. 


When you buy a personalized kiddush cup online, we’ll engrave a name or a Shabbat blessing for you. Some people like to add both the Bride’s and the Groom’s names to the Kiddush cup. When you have kids, you can also add their names to the Kiddush cup, making it a true family treasure and adding a special significance to the Kiddush blessing. 


If you don’t want a traditional silver Kiddush cup with gold plating on the inside, there are some amazing modern alternatives. Anodized aluminum is a popular alternative to 925 sterling silver. The aluminum comes in a choice of bold colors and is prized for its ultra-modern minimalist look. A personalized kiddush cup in striking aluminum is a unique gift. Kiddush is an ancient ritual – not an old-fashioned one!

What are the Best Jewish Wedding Gifts?

The best Jewish wedding gifts are the ones that will please the married couple and help them to build a new life together. Many Jewish couples ask for money as a wedding gift, especially if they already own home appliances and furniture etc. Money is great and is a practical solution to the problem of what to offer the newlyweds, but personalized Jewish wedding gifts add a special touch. 


The most popular personalized Jewish wedding gifts are generally silverware and Shabbat tableware. An interesting choice is a handmade wine fountain and wine holders. Silver menorahs, hanukkiahs, etrog boxes, havdalah sets, and silver candlesticks can all be beautiful personalized Jewish wedding gifts. 


If you’re getting married, we recommend opening a Jewish Wedding Registry at Nadav Art. You can invite guests to connect online and see your personal list of gift requests. You guests can buy your choice of handmade Judaica gifts to help you start a new life together. 

Personalized Judaica is a recent trend in the Jewish world. It is a way to make the Jewish religion more personal and unique. There are many benefits of personalized Judaica.

One of the benefits of personalized Judaica is that it can be used as an educational tool for children, it can teach them about their heritage and what it means to be Jewish.

Another benefit of personalized Judaica is that it can be used as a gift for friends and family members. It’s a great way to show how much you care about someone by customizing something just for them.

The last benefit of personalized Judaica is that it makes Judaism feel less intimidating and more approachable, which will help Jews who are new or want to explore Judaism better.

The most popular personalized Judaica items are a

Personalized Kiddush Cup, a Personalized Menorah and Personalized tallit clips, Personalized Name Jewelry.

These items are popular because they allow for the Jewish family to show off their traditions and heritage in their own home. The best part is that these items can be personalized with the family’s name, the date of their celebration and more.

Personalizing Judaica is a great way to make it more meaningful and make it stand out.

There are three popular ways to personalize Judaica:

1. Engraving the front of the Judaica item with a name, date, or short message.

2. Name soldered onto your Judaica item with a name, date, or short message.

3. Adding an inscription on the inside of the Judaica (e.g., “From Grandma”).

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