Top 10 Handmade Salt and Pepper Shakers

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A quick buying guide to traditional and modern Judaica salt and pepper shakers for your Shabbat table.


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Nadav Art: Reinventing the Humble Salt and Pepper Shaker

Salt and pepper shakers are one of those mundane tableware items that nobody pays much attention to. Their design is usually utilitarian and boring, and we take their presence on the table for granted.

Aluminum Salt and Pepper Shakers

That’s a pity because salt and pepper are our two most essential seasonings, which’ve been part of Jewish cuisine for thousands of years.

Nadav Art loves to create beautiful things and bring an extra touch of style or a splash of color to our daily lives.

Our Jerusalem designers have reinvented the humble salt and pepper shaker, exploring a range of new materials and fun designs and recreating some luxurious ancient designs in beautiful pink onyx and sterling silver.

If you’re looking for the perfect small gift that will be used daily or want to upgrade your Shabbat table or breakfast bar, check out our range of unique salt and pepper shakers.

Every tableware item is handmade in Jerusalem by our Israeli artisans and is designed to be robust, practical, and easy to clean.

Handmade Aluminum Salt and Pepper Shakers


Salt & Pepper Shaker – Hammer Shaped

Salt & Pepper Shaker – Hammer ShapedMention aluminum salt and pepper shakers to the average person, They’ll probably have a mental image of the essential institutional tableware you’d see in a hospital or an army dining room.

Nadav Art’s anodized aluminum salt and pepper shakers are designer tableware years ahead of traditional metalware.

We use a patented technique to create ultra-modern anodized aluminum tableware famous for its bright colors and superb finishes.

Anodized aluminum may sound like an industrial product, but it’s an excellent material for modern kitchens and dinner tables. It looks fantastic and is tough wearing and practical.


If you prefer modern home decor or love fun dining accessories, anodized aluminum salt and pepper shakers are ahead. When you check out our 2023 collection, you may find that it completely changes your concept of Judaica.

Five things we love about anodized aluminum salt and pepper shakers


  1. Unique bright colors that don’t fade
  2. Stylish and original designs
  3. Robust to the point of being unbreakable
  4. Safe and easy to clean
  5. Environmentally friendly design


Anodized aluminum salt and pepper shakers are an excellent Jewish housewarming gift. Although they’re part of our online Judaica collection, plenty of modern designs have no religious motifs and make great presents for people of all faiths and backgrounds.

Flower Salt and Pepper Shakers


Flower Shaped Salt Shaker with Shiny Finish

Flower-Shaped Salt Shaker with Shiny FinishHumans have produced beautiful art throughout history and have always been inspired by natural themes. One of the earliest forms of decoration is the simple flower.

There’s something about flowers that appeals to us fundamentally, and almost every culture uses flower and petal designs in jewelry and art.

Our silversmiths and designers have continued the tradition with a stunning range of flower salt and pepper shakers.

We use anodized aluminum for our flower salt and pepper shakers for two main reasons.

The first is that anodized aluminum is ideal for capturing our favorite flowers’ bright and vibrant colors. The second reason is that it’s an excellent material for a practical piece of tableware that will get daily use.

Modern Flower Havdalah Spice Box

Modern Flower Havdalah Spice BoxAnodized aluminum also allows both minimalistic designs and more complex and intricate salt and pepper shaker styles.

Our flower salt and pepper shakers come in several styles and colors and include designs with a floral hammered finish that expertly recreates the natural effect of textured flower petals.

You can also buy salt and pepper shakers stamped into the aluminum with Hebrew blessings.

Five things we love about flower salt and pepper shakers


  1. Anodized aluminum creates bold flowerlike colors.
  2. The designs bring a touch of nature to your table
  3. Even the most intricate shakers are functional and practical
  4. The flower salt and pepper shakers will last a lifetime
  5. Our flower designs are bold, imaginative, and eye-catching


Modern Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

Modern Salt and Pepper Shaker SetIf you’re looking for a slightly unusual or unconventional Rosh Hashanah gift, our flower salt and pepper shakers might be the ideal solution.

The floral designs match the traditional nature themes associated with the Jewish New Year and make an imaginative alternative to a Rosh Hashanah honey dish or apple-themed gift.

Colorful salt and pepper shakers


Nadav Art’s colorful salt and pepper shakers are radically different from the old-style silver Judaica that previous generations used to cherish (and many Judaica collectors still love to buy online).

Our most colorful and unique salt and pepper shakers are inspired by art deco and pop art styles, as well as the originality and creativity of our modern Israeli designers.

Floral Besamim Candle Holder and Salt Shaker

Floral Besamim Candle Holder and Salt ShakerAnodized aluminum are ideal for crafting handmade colorful salt and pepper shakers. You’ll be amazed at the depth and vibrancy of the reds, yellows, and purples we use to create realistic flower designs with brightly colored petals, stems, and centers.

Some of our ultra-modern minimalist designs even combine black and silver effects. These designer-quality salt and pepper shakers will impress your guests.

Our collections of modern Judaica that feature brightly colored designs are popular with online shoppers, and we’re constantly expanding our range.

Our Jerusalem designers are experimenting with new materials, including clay polymers and contemporary generation ceramics, to create the best salt and pepper shakers for people who love striking modern tableware.


Five things we love about colorful salt and pepper shakers


  1. The designs are versatile enough to match most home decor styles
  2. The colors never fade or suffer any erosion or wear
  3. Our cheerful designs enliven any Shabbat table
  4. Colorful salt and pepper shakers are wonderful small gifts
  5. You can choose from a range of colors when you buy online


Modern Shiny Salt and Pepper Shaker – Napkin Ring Shape

Modern Shiny Salt and Pepper Shaker – Napkin Ring ShapeIf you want to liven up your dinner table or add a blaze of color to your Shabbat set, colored aluminum salt and pepper shakers are ideal.

There is a choice of styles and designs ranging from minimalist to intricate and highly decorative.

The one thing they all have in common is that they are handmade in Israel, and the craftsmanship, attention to detail, and finish are superb!

Buy the 10 Best Salt and Pepper Shakers Online


Salt and pepper shakers are one of the most basic – and often most overlooked – items in any dinner set.

They’re also often severely designed and are a nuisance to keep clean and ensure a smooth flow of condiments – mainly salt.

If you’re planning to upgrade your tableware or looking for the perfect small housewarming or wedding gift, you can shop the Nadav Art 2023 online collection today.

The 10 Best Salt and Pepper Shakers


Onyx Stone Salt and Pepper Tableware

Onyx Stone Salt and Pepper TablewareIt are not easy to choose the ten best salt and pepper shakers from so many spectacular designs.

Everybody has different tastes and preferences, and all our products meet a high standard for functionality and robustness. Here are some of our most popular designs – let us know which you like best!


  1. Onyx and Sterling Silver Salt and Pepper Shakers
  2. Aluminum rocket salt and pepper shaker
  3. Hammer-shaped salt and pepper shaker
  4. Modern Salt and Pepper Tray Set
  5. Modern Rocket salt and pepper tray set
  6. Chic Salt and Pepper tableware set
  7. Contemporary Design Floral Tableware Shaker
  8. Floral Nature-Inspired Hammered Salt Tableware
  9. Stylish Anodized Aluminum Salt and Pepper Set
  10. Mini Salt or Pepper Shaker


Onyx Stone Salt and Pepper TablewareYou can buy stylish Judaica salt and pepper shakers online now or add them to a Nadav Art wedding registry list.

Talk to us today if you want to buy customized tableware or commission unique salt and pepper shakers. Our English-speaking designers will be delighted to work with you!

Common Questions and Answers - FAQ

 Salt and pepper shakers were first invented in the 1850s.

At that time, individual salt cellars and pepper mills were commonly used, but these were not as convenient or hygienic as the shaker design.

The first shakers were made of glass and had a perforated top for sprinkling the salt and pepper.

Over time, shakers have evolved into many different shapes, sizes, and materials, but they remain a popular way to dispense these essential seasonings.

Refilling a salt or pepper shaker is a simple process. First, remove the cap or stopper from the shaker.

If the shaker has a removable bottom, twist it off to access the container. Then, carefully pour the salt or pepper into the container, being careful not to spill it.

If necessary, use a funnel to make filling easier. Once the shaker is filled to your desired level, replace the cap or stopper and shake it gently to distribute the seasoning inside.

Absolutely! While salt and pepper are the most common seasonings used in shakers, you can use them to dispense any powdered spice or seasoning you like.

Some examples include garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, chili flakes, cumin, and more. Just be sure to label your shakers so you know what’s inside!

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