Yonatan Large Menorah-Candlesticks

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Yonatan Large Menorah-Candlesticks

$1,035.00 $879.75

Grand, sterling silver two-in-one menorah and candelabra with filigree latticework delicately placed throughout. A rectangular 8 candled menorah sits atop two rounded arms which connect to a bell-shaped stand for a fun and modern twist, leading down to a layered hexagonal base with levels of filigree tracery and layers of simple decorations which perfectly complement the filigree. Slide off the menorah to reveal a two-armed candelabra, making this piece perfect for you, or as a practical and stunning gift all year round!

The menorah has a rich history dating back to the Temple times when the High Priest would light a 7-branched menorah each night, whose light shone out and illuminated everything around it. The menorah is a traditional and important symbol of light overcoming darkness and represents pride, victory, and emancipation.

Our artist, Avi Nadav, is a third generation artisan from a line of silversmiths who passed down the art of making these special and unique items from father to son.

* NADAV ART stands behind this product and offers a ten-year warranty. The warranty does not cover any damage caused by irregular use of the product such as scratches.

* NADAV ART offers a free service of annual professional cleaning. In order to get this service, the customer must come directly to our workshop located in Jerusalem. NADAV ART will not provide this service to products sent via mail.

Prices do not include VAT

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-Wonderful gift for your loved ones on Hanukkah, and as a bar mitzvah and wedding gift all year round

-Sterling silver with 8 branches, plus middle shamash

-Fits Hanukkah candles, taper candles, and oil cups

-Beautiful ornamental piece

-Handcrafted in our studio in Jerusalem


Height: 8″ (20.4 cm)

Width: 7.5″ (19 cm)

Weight: 205g

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