The Best Jewish Gifts – When to Give & What to Buy !

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The exciting world of Jewish gifts covers many products, from traditional Passover gifts for Jewish friends to Jewish blessings for the home, Jewish wedding gifts, housewarming gifts, and Jewish gifts from Israel.

Gift-giving is a big part of all human cultures and an excellent way to express your love, show thanks and appreciation or even make amends. 

It’s not always easy to find a Jewish store or gift shop that sells genuine traditional Jewish gifts (although more prominent US synagogues sometimes have their gift shops).

The easiest way to buy good-quality Jewish gifts is to shop online.

Judaica stores like Nadav Art have a vast range of modern and traditional Judaica, including stylish home decor, original Israeli artwork, Jewish jewelry, and silverware and tableware.

Judaica has taken off in recent years, and the quality of the design and craftsmanship is superb.

It pays to do some initial research if you want to surprise someone with a special gift. There are some fantastic products for sale online, but there are also a lot of cheap imitations and rip-offs.

We’ll look at how to find the perfect Jewish gifts for every occasion (and for every budget). 


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Jewish Gifts for the Home & Jewish Housewarming Gifts

The family home is at the heart of Jewish life, and there’s a massive demand for Jewish housewarming gifts and Jewish gifts for the home.

A housewarming gift can be something as simple as a handmade mezuzah. A housewarming gift is often just a kind gesture and doesn’t have to be expensive. 

The difference is that when you visit someone’s new home for the first time, handcrafted Jewish gifts from Israel are a lot more imaginative and exciting than the usual housewarming present of a potted plant or a bottle of wine.

They’ll also last a lifetime and will be much more appreciated!


Top 3 Jewish Housewarming Gifts

There are plenty of great options if you’re buying more expensive Jewish housewarming gifts for close friends or family. The three most popular Jewish blessings for the home in 2023 are:


  1. Silver Menorahs (Jewish candelabras)

  2. Hardwood Challah Boards & Challah Sets

  3. Kiddush Cups and Kiddush Sets


A handmade sterling silver menorah or candelabra looks fantastic in any home.

If the home decor is ultra-modern or minimalist, an anodized aluminum menorah is a superb alternative to sterling silver.

Menorahs are wonderful for Shabbat and Jewish holidays, but they are also stunning ornaments that you can use anytime you want a soft candlelit glow in a room. 

Another popular Jewish housewarming gift is a hardwood challah board. The handmade boards are crafted from ethically sourced mahogany, maple, or walnut.

Each challah board is beautifully decorated with a silver filigree band inlaid with brightly colored enamel. A complete set with a jeweled challah knife and an embroidered challah cloth is one of the most welcome Jewish gifts for the home.

Every Jewish home needs a good quality kiddush cup – or, better still, a set with a silver tray.

It’s a must-have item for welcoming the Sabbath and Jewish holidays. Nine hundred twenty-five silver kiddush sets are the traditional option, but there are also some fantastic anodized aluminum kiddush cup sets.

The modern aluminum is easy to clean and comes in bold and vibrant colors. 


Passover Gifts for Jewish Friends

Passover or Pesach is arguably the single most important Jewish holiday. It’s when family and friends try to come together and celebrate with a ritual seder dinner.

If you’re enjoying some Passover hospitality, arriving with a gift for your host is definitely recommended. A traditional seder involves enormous preparation and considerable expense. Any donation will usually be gratefully received. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of valuable and practical Passover gifts that you can buy for Jewish friends and family members.

The classic Passover gift is a seder plate (Pesach plate) to hold the six ritual foods eaten during the seder. The most stylish seder plates are decorated with the names of each ritual food in either Hebrew or English.

The lettering can be created with silver stamping and colored enamel or anodized aluminum. 

Any Jewish gift shop or Jewish store will usually sell some kind of Passover plates, but it’s hard to find real quality at a reasonable price.

The best Passover plates are handmade in Israel by Jewish craftsmen and are created with a lot of love and absolute attention to detail. Although there’s no requirement for a Passover plate to be a luxury design, it is an essential ritual item. You should buy the best dish that your budget allows. 

The other classic Passover gift for Jewish friends is a matzos plate. Love or hate it (and very few people love it). Matzo is the iconic Passover food. A silver matzo plate is one of the most critical components of a complete seder tableware set.

The most popular matzo plates are like small cabinets. The triple-layer plates hold the matzos for the Haggadah until it’s time to break pieces off and pass them around the table. 


seder gifts


Gifts for a Jewish Wedding

Weddings are wonderfully happy occasions, but wedding preparations can be seriously stressful.

Finding gifts for a wedding can also be a significant headache; unsurprisingly, many couples prefer to receive donations of money and do their shopping after the wedding. With some organization (and some tact), it’s possible to celebrate any marriage with some wonderful Jewish wedding gifts. 

Most couples who don’t opt for money as a wedding gift will rightly prefer to receive practical presents. When setting up a new home together, you’ll suddenly need many mundane and entirely unromantic necessities.

The washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, and bedding must come before any luxury items. The good news is that once you’ve covered the basics or have many generous guests, you can think about the unique things that make a house into a home. 


Buy Jewish Wedding Gifts with a Nadav Art Wedding Registry

A Nadav Art wedding registry is a straightforward and convenient way to manage your wedding gifts.

If you want fine silver tableware, and handmade ritual Judaica to celebrate Shabbat and the Jewish holidays in style, you can invite some of your guests to the Nadav Art wedding registry. It’s a secure online tool that allows individual guests to buy you traditional gifts for your Jewish wedding. 


The wedding registry is a discreet online shopping system that gives guests complete privacy. Only you will know which of your guests bought each item and how much they paid.

When you open a wedding registry, Nadav Art will assign you an English-speaking personal advisor who’ll give you a full tour of the online store and help you to choose gift requests (including custom and personalized orders). 

Our most popular Jewish wedding gifts are wine fountain sets, wine holders, and other handmade silverware.

The other bestselling gifts for Jewish weddings are silver Shabbat candlesticks. We recommend adding a silver candle lighter and match cover if you’re buying a complete set of candlesticks. Lighting candles to welcome Shabbat is a unique Jewish tradition with considerable ritual importance.

It’s great to have a complete candle-lighting set, especially if you hope to one day have daughters who’ll join you in the weekly candle-lighting ceremony. 


Buy Jewish Gifts from Israel with a Nadav Art Gift Card

If you want to buy gifts from a Jewish store but aren’t sure exactly what to buy, a Nadav Art gift card is the way ahead.

Where to Buy Judaica Online - NADAV ART

The recipient can shop online and choose from hundreds of top-quality traditional Jewish gifts and Jewish holiday gifts, as well as silverware, tableware, home decor, and personalized Judaica.

When you buy traditional Jewish gifts with a gift card, we’ll be happy to personalize them. You can also use your gift card towards unique custom-designed Jewish skills from Israel. Contact us anytime, and an English-speaking designer will work with you to create your own Judaica. 

Let’s talk about custom-designed Jewish gifts.



Jewish culture has always been known to nurture deep relationships and create lasting memories, making it the perfect occasion to give meaningful and special gifts. There is a wide range of options available when it comes to finding the perfect Jewish housewarming gifts; from symbolic artifacts that represent the faith, to handcrafted items that capture its essence.

presents for a special wedding or traditional Passover gifts, Nadav Art offers something perfect for every occasion. With our gift registry and gift cards you can easily pick out the best possible options for the one you love—no matter where in the world you are. When it comes to finding meaningful gifts that accurately represent cultural identity and tradition, Nadav Art has got you covered.

With an incredible selection of jewelry, Judaica, and artwork from all corners of the globe, you can find the perfect present that shows your appreciation for a loved one or friend. Each piece is designed with effortless beauty and heartfelt sentiment in mind.


Common Questions and Answers - FAQ

Yes, there are a few considerations to keep in mind when buying a Jewish gift. Firstly, make sure the item is appropriate for the occasion – certain items may be more suitable for certain celebrations or holidays. Secondly, look for items that have been crafted or manufactured by Jewish artisans and companies. Lastly, consider personalizing the gift with an inscription or engraving as this adds a special touch and shows thoughtfulness.

Jewish gifts often include traditional symbols like the menorah, the Stars of David, and Hebrew letters. Other popular symbols are a Hamsa hand, which is believed to bring protection and good luck; the Dreidel, which is a four-sided spinning top with Hebrew letters; and the Chai symbol, which stands for life.

Yes, absolutely! – for example, we offer a wide selection of handmade and personalized Jewish gifts that are perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for a unique gift for a special someone or something to commemorate an important event, our selection has something for everyone. Plus, all of our gifts are made with love and care so you can be sure that you’re giving the best possible gift.