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Kiddush Cups

Hand Made Kiddush Cups for Shabbat

Celebrate the ancient Shabbat blessing with a hand made silver Kiddush Cup from Jerusalem. Our boutique range of Kiddush Cup sets is hand crafted from 925 sterling silver and beautifully colored anodized aluminum. Our more traditional Kiddush Cups are wrought from silver, and decorated with ornate Yemenite filigree and Jewish motifs and emblems. Contemporary designs favor anodized aluminum with bold colors and striking minimalist designs.

Whether you prefer old fashioned Jewish silversmithing, or exciting modern masterpieces, the standard of the craftsmanship is the same.  All the Kiddush Cups in the Nadav Art boutique collections are handmade in our Jerusalem workshop. Every item is produced by an expert artisan and is finished to an immaculate standard. Not only is each Kiddush Cup set a beautiful heirloom standard ornament, it is a functional drinking vessel that will last a lifetime.

Buy a Personalized Kiddush Cup

Our Jerusalem designers will be happy to personalize any Kiddush Cup or set. Depending on the cup size, we can engrave names, initials, dedications or blessings. Popular requests also include Jewish motifs, religious symbols and Jerusalem emblems. Our English speaking designers will also be delighted to talk to you if you want to commission a unique Kiddush Cup or set. We’ll work closely with you to transform your personal concept into a work of art.

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The Kiddush cup is a special cup used for Jewish ritual purposes. It is traditionally filled with wine or grape juice and passed around to each person at the table, who drinks from it and then passes it on.

There are many different types of Kiddush cups. Some are made out of silver, 14k gold, or glass. The most popular type of Kiddush cup is the silver one because is uniqueness and elegant look. In addition, a silver Kiddush cup is a much cheaper option compared to a gold Kiddush cup, but much better quality and spectacular than a ceramic Kiddush cup or a glass Kiddush cup.

The most popular Kiddush cups are those made of 925 sterling silver, which can be personalized with engraving or a personalized name sawn onto the Kiddush cup itself. These Kiddush cups are traditionally given as Jewish wedding gifts or as Bar Mitzvah gifts.




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