Jewish Jewelry

Designer Gold Jewelry from Jerusalem
Nadav Art offers a stunning selection of designer gold jewelry as part of our 2022 Collection. Our Jerusalem goldsmiths have created a beautiful range of gold necklaces and pendants, gold rings, earrings and other items of personal jewelry. We work primarily with 14kt yellow gold, but also offer several exclusive items in luxurious white gold and warm rose gold.

As Jerusalem jewelers, we’re naturally inspired by the magic of our own city. We also draw deeply on Jewish tradition and culture when we create new designs. Check out our gold Star of David pendants for men and women, Chai emblems, Hamsas, Dreidel jewelry and Jerusalem designs.

A gift of handmade gold jewelry from Jerusalem is a unique and wonderful way to show love and appreciation. We have the perfect Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah gifts, birthday and graduation presents, and romantic gifts. We’re usually able to personalize our gold jewelry if you buy an item for a loved one. We’re also happy to accept commissions for unique handmade items. Talk to an English speaking designer today. 

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Jewish Jewelry


There’s a huge demand for handmade Jewish jewelry from Israel. Jewish people around the world (and also many non-Jews) want a reminder of their spiritual connection to the Holy Land and to the city of Jerusalem. Jewish jewelry covers an exciting range of rings, earrings, necklaces, name necklaces and pendants, as well as bracelets.

What is Jewish Jewelry Called?

Jewelry in Hebrew is ‘תַכשִׁיטִים‘ pronounced ‘takhsheetim’. There are all kinds of styles and types of Jewish jewelry for both men and women. The single most iconic type of Jewish jewelry is probably the simple Magen David or Star of David necklace. 


Top 5 Types of Jewish Jewelry 

The top 5 types of Jewish jewelry are consistent bestsellers. Star of David necklaces are very popular Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah gifts and birthday gifts. Eshet Chayil jewelry is a great Bat Mitzvah gift, as are love rings and Hebrew name necklaces. 


1. Star of David Jewelry

The Star of David is one of the ancient symbols of Judaism and is placed at the center of the modern Israeli flag. Star of David (Magen David) necklaces and pendants are very popular with both men and women and are a simple, but profound expression of Jewish heritage and commitment to the Jewish nation. 


2. Hamsa Jewelry

The upright Hamsa hand is a traditional Middle Eastern symbol that is seen across the world. Many Jewish homes include some kind of Hamsa ornament for good luck and Hamsa jewelry is also believed to bring good fortune. A handmade hamsa necklace is a great gift and a stylish fashion accessory. 


3. Chai Jewelry

Chai means life in Hebrew and the ancient Chai symbol is revered in Jewish culture. Even today, Chai jewelry is believed to bring good luck and all the good things in life. A Chai necklace or pendant is a great gift for both Jewish men and women who want a physical connection to Jewish culture. 


4. Mezuzah Jewelry

The mezuzah – an ornate case continuing a tiny parchment klaf scroll of Torah verse – is a true symbol of Judaism. Mezuzahs are traditionally fixed to doorposts, but you can take mezuzah jewelry with you everywhere you go. Mezuzah jewelry doesn’t contain a klaf, but it is still an amazing Jewish symbol. 


5. Evil Eye Jewelry

Evil eye amulets have protected wearers against malice and misfortune for thousands of years. In Judaism the concept of ayin ha rah or עַיִן הָרָע, also has ancient origins. Modern evil eye jewelry is still very popular – and not just with the superstitious. The evil eye design is a stylish cultural icon. 


Handmade Jewish jewelry establishes a wonderful connection with your Jewish heritage, but it’s also beautiful fashion jewelry that looks amazing whenever you wear it. 

Is Israel Known for Jewelry?

Israel is well known for fine jewelry! The country is one of the world’s major diamond centers and there has always been a strong and vibrant Jewish jewelry trade. Modern Israel is made up of immigrants from every Jewish community on the planet and Israeli jewelry is influenced by dozens of styles and traditions, including intricate Yemenite style silver filigree work. Israelis love to travel and are always absorbing new ideas and styles. The Israeli jewelry scene is where East meets West and the fusion is amazing. 


Israeli Jewelry is profoundly influenced by Middle Eastern tradition. Hamsa Jewelry and necklaces and amulets protecting against the evil eye have become part of the Jewish jewelry tradition. Jewish silversmiths and jewelers are some of the most talented artisans in the world. 

Is Israeli Jewelry Good?

Most Israeli jewelry is amazing! Israel designers have a passion for their art and a lot of natural creativity. Even the veteran jewelers are bursting with ideas and are keen to explore new materials like anodized aluminum with its own advanced design techniques. The younger generation of Israeli jewelry designers is rediscovering and reinventing ancient Jewish symbolism through their art. There is a wealth of biblical tradition, history, archaeology and natural beauty to inspire Israeli jewelers. Modern Israeli Chai jewelry and Shema Yisrael jewelry can be hauntingly beautiful. 


Israeli jewelry also features natural Israeli amethysts and lapis lazuli. The purple amethysts and blue lapis are ideal for setting in 925 sterling silver and you’ll see some really stunning amethyst earrings and cufflinks. Israeli jewelry is also noted for superb use of white gold, yellow gold, platinum and top quality diamonds, bought locally on the Ramat Gan diamond exchange. 


What is the Best Men’s Jewish Jewelry?


The best men’s Jewish jewelry is handmade in Jerusalem by master craftsmen like Avi Nadav. The most popular men’s themes are the Star of David, silhouettes of Jerusalem landscapes, and any kind of Chai jewelry and Hamsa jewelry. Men’s Jewish jewelry tends to be quite conservative, with an emphasis on stylish pendants in yellow or white gold. Some men also love a more bling look, buying gold Jewish symbols encrusted with tiny diamonds in a pavé style. 


Men’s Jewish jewelry can also include cufflinks (every well dressed Jewish man should own at least one set of cufflinks) and Hebrew or English name necklaces. A set of sterling silver and blue enamel tallit clips is a unique small gift for an observant man or for a Bar Mitzvah boy. 


Not every man is a fan of jewelry, but a discreet Star of David pendant or Chai jewelry necklace has its own spiritual value and can become a treasured possession. Jewelry for men is very much a personal choice and it can be hard to guess someone’s tastes and preferences. If you are thinking of buying a gift of men’s Jewish jewelry, a Nadav Art Gift Card is an excellent compromise. 


Jewelry is a form of personal adornment that is worn to show social status and wealth. Jewish jewelry is traditionally worn by Jewish people and can be made from precious metals, gems, or pearls.

Jewish jewelry often contains symbols and motifs that are related to Judaism and Jewish culture. This type of jewelry is usually worn for religious purposes and can be made from 14k gold or 925 sterling silver.

The Star of David is the symbol of Judaism. It is a six-pointed star. It is one of the most recognizable symbols in the world and it can be found on synagogues and Jewish homes.

The Star of David has been used for centuries to represent Judaism, but it has also become a symbol for other things as well, such as being a sign of good luck or misfortune.

The significance of the Hebrew letters on Jewish jewelry is that it is a reminder of their faith. The letters are usually written in silver and have a meaning that is personal to the wearer. For example, one may wear a necklace with the letter “chai” on it as a symbol of life.

The Hebrew letters are not just symbols though, they also have meaning. For example, the letter “chai” means “life”.

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