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Sterling Silver Jewish Gift Buying Guide

Throughout the years the Jewish people have developed unique styles and preferences when it comes to jewelry and items. A recurring theme seen in these styles is the use of Sterling silver. This beautiful and handy silver has become a favorite choice for many as a gift, and good reason. Here are 10 Sterling silver items that would make a great gift.

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What is Sterling Silver?

Sterling silver is a silver alloy that comprises 92.5% silver, and 7.5% other metals. Usually, the other metals tend to be mostly copper. As opposed to pure silver, which is soft, sterling silver is a more robust alloy that is less prone to physical damage. As a result, it is used in the manufacturing of many silver items such as sterling silver Judaica and sterling silver jewelry.


Chai and Star of David Silver Pendant

Sterling Silver Star of David with chaiWith a modern and elegant design, this pendant is bound to impress all those who might receive it. The word “Chai” has a deep significance within the Jewish faith and is often worn by many as necklaces. Meaning “life”, it forms a part of the slogan “Am Yisrael Chai!”, translated as: “The people of Israel live!” spoken by many as a symbol of the determination of the Jews.

The pendant itself is composed of two layers of a Magen David. Whereas the top layer is a Sterling silver cut-out pronouncing the word “Chai”, the lower layer is made of colored aluminum. It comes in a variety of colors and can naturally be personalized according to the wearer’s wishes. Make sure you know in advance which style the recipient prefers the most!

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Silver Star of David All Around Hearts Design

Silver Star of David All Around Hearts design Silver Star of David All Around Hearts design - NADAV ART

This beautiful pendant is made of sterling silver and takes a more modern approach than the traditional Star of David designs. Instead of the more commonplace linear shapes comprising the symbol, this design has sleek and smooth curves. The star itself is also surrounded by hearts, which is not often portrayed in pendants of this sort.

This is a particularly handy gift, as many Jews across the world walk around with a Star of David necklace. It’s often their way of keeping in touch with their faith and traditions, especially among the Jewish diaspora communities. By picking this unique pendant, one can ensure its recipient will feel prouder to be a Jew than ever before.

Personalized Name Kiddush Cup

Personalized Name Kiddush CupA personalized Kiddush cup with the option to add a name or a blessing. Its elegant design includes hammered silver that scintillates in nearly all illuminated environments in a regal manner. The silver cut – out comprising the name is an intricate contrast to the silver hammering, providing a fashionable appearance.

This is a wonderful gift that can be given to many types of crowds. From a boy celebrating a Bar Mitzvah to a newlywed couple looking to furnish their home, its practicality makes it a very suitable choice. The cut – out naming grants an additional degree of personality, indicating thoughtfulness by the one who brought the gift.

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Hammered Silver Kiddush Cup with Stem

Hammered Silver Kiddush Cup with StemA very elegant choice for a gift, this cup incorporates a multitude of different elements all in one piece. On the one hand, hammered silver comprises the main body of the cup itself which gives it a handcrafted look. On the other hand, smooth golden plating on the inside of the cup gives it a regal façade. Between them, 2 complex half – orbs, breaking the look’s simplicity.

Because the internal side of the cup is coated with gold, it is recommended to wash the piece using solely a sponge and by hand. Otherwise, the coating might peel off and ruin the look.

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Handmade ‘Gefen’ Silver Kiddush Cup

A modern Kiddush cup with the creator of the fruit of the vineThe Gefen silver Kiddush cup is an item to be cherished for many years. Handmade with 925 sterling silver, it sports a goblet – style cup with a black enamel engraving of the word “Gefen”. Its base is designed as a tripod – looking and is perfectly proportioned with the height of the cup to give off a harmonious feeling.

Gefen is the Hebrew word for grapevine and is an important part of the ancient Kiddush ceremony. As part of the ceremony, wine is poured into the Kiddush cup and a blessing honoring God for creating the fruit of the grapevine is recited. This wonderfully designed cup is sure to add grandeur to every Kiddush ceremony performed by its owners.

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Modern And Traditional Hammered Candlesticks

Hammered Silver CandlesticksThese stunningly beautiful sterling silver candlesticks are a sight to behold. Incorporating a modern design, the candlesticks have a hammered and glittering external texture. The candlesticks are also cone – shaped and connected to a smooth silver sphere. The conical lower base continues the trend down to the tray.

A unique design, the conical candlesticks are truly an anomaly in the world of Shabbat lighting paraphernalia. The traditional highly decorative design of most candlesticks is replaced with a bolder, yet more simplistic design. The candlesticks also come with a matching tray, convenient for relocation and preventing wax spills.

Stunning Tall Wavy Hammering Candlesticks for Shabbat

Stunning Tall Wavy Hammering Candlesticks for ShabbatThese sterling silver Shabbat candlesticks are unique compared to the average designs out there on the market. Sporting a hammered wavy look to complement your Shabbat atmosphere, they also carry a nice twist with them; as time goes by and the candle fires wane, their black tarnish becomes more complimentary for the silver design, enhancing the contrast and the elegance.

This item can surely upgrade your Shabbat atmosphere owing to its many irregularities. Instead of going for the old–fashioned over decoration commonly seen in other designs, the simplicity of this set sets it apart. In addition, the dynamic lighting design provided by its black tarnish look is a refreshing take on the world of Judaica items.

Penina Candlesticks

silver shabbat CandlesticksThe design of these candlesticks was approached with a more simplistic mantra in mind. “Penina” means pearl in Hebrew, which truly reflects the product’s overall atmosphere. With a sleek, hammered look, the candlesticks take a both conservative and innovative approach. On the one hand, it is devoid of complex decorations. On the other hand, it is very practical, and compact.

These candlesticks have their own unique style and beauty, but at the same time are neutral in their design. This fact makes them a suitable gift for many kinds of people; be it a Bar Mitzvah, a wedding, or adding to your own assortment of Judaica, they tick all the boxes you might need.

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Hadassah Embellished Candlesticks

Shabbat candlesticks with enamel colorsA truly wonderful addition to any Jewish home, these intricately designed candlesticks are a welcome sight for every situation. The design is mostly traditional: two bell – shaped candlesticks with an elongated neck and a round base. They do, however, also contain a colorful cut – out which adds a nice twist to the more uniform texture and color.

This wonderful pair can be used both for a celebrated and holy Shabbat ceremony and as a simple method for calming oneself and reflecting after a troubling day. A single evening with those is bound to create an upgraded atmosphere.

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Sterling Silver Double Filigree Candlesticks Pair

Sterling Silver Double Filigree Candlesticks PairA magnificent set that is sure to catch everyone’s attention, these two pairs are a sight to behold. Made by hand from the finest sterling silver around, these sterling silver candlesticks will last you a lifetime. The intricate filigree design contains its level of elegance which cannot be achieved with any regular candlestick out there.

When used for special occasions, all those present are sure to be asking questions about this set. It contains an aura not commonly noticed with most products of the same type. If you want to show how much you are worth, this could be an excellent choice for you.

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No Finer Products Can Be Found Today

Finding stylish gifts to hand around the Jewish community can be a daunting task. All the above – mentioned products are sure to accomplish that task, and they can all be found in a single place.

Nadav Art by Avi Nadav is a studio gallery designing and manufacturing many types of Judaica accessories and jewelry. As a third – generation silversmith, Avi Nadav brings years of experience to the market with his high – quality products. Handcrafted to perfection, all the above – mentioned products were designed and built by his studio.

If one really wants to awe the recipients of their gifts, choose his products!

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Sterling Silver is a both luxurious and durable material to be worn daily as jewelry or displayed as a Judaica item, It’s a great choice for gifting!

While sterling silver can reach a high price point for intricate and heavily decorated products, there can be found a Silver gifts in various ranges of prices.

Unlike gold, which is usually only used as jewelry, sterling silver is used in jewelry, judaica, plates, cups and many many more!

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