Everything You Need to Know about Havdalah

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Everything You Need to Know about Havdalah Sets Everything You Need to Know about Havdalah Sets - NADAV ARTWhen you’re Jewish, you need to have the correct items if you want to properly enjoy the various celebrations and rituals. Havdalah is included in that, so getting ready for it is essential if you wish to appreciate the prayers and everything you’ll do during the evening.

In this article, you will learn what you must know about Havdalah and silver sets, particularly if you’re considering buying one. You will also learn more about us at Nadav Art (a brand by Avi Nadav) and how we can help you enjoy your celebrations.

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What Is Havdalah?

Havdalah is one of the most relevant Jewish ceremonies. It commemorates the end of the Shabbat and ushers in the new week.

 When you celebrate Havdalah, you have to light a special candle with several wicks. Then, you must smell sweet spices and bless a cup of wine (it doesn’t necessarily need to be wine, though).

 Shabbat ends on Saturday after three stars appear in the sky, and you can celebrate Havdalah. However, as you might have noticed by now, you need a few items to do it properly.

What Are the Customs to Follow?

Having a Havdalah set is essential when you’re celebrating this wonderful day. However, before getting to that, you must understand the other customs to follow.

 Firstly, the reciting of the Havdalah prayer occurs over a cup of grape juice or kosher wine. Nonetheless, if neither is available, you can use other beverages.

 In Jewish tradition, you must also use spices and follow specific steps when you’re celebrating Havdalah. After the ceremony, you can sing happy traditional songs, for example, “Elijah the Prophet” or “Who Separates Holy from Ordinary/Weekday.” Lastly, there are other biblical holidays when you can celebrate Havdalah, such as the following:

  • Yom Kippur
  • Simchat Torah
  • Rosh Hashanah
  • The first and last day of Passover
  • Sukkot
  • Shavuot

If a major holiday follows the Shabbat, then you mustn’t bless the spices, and you can recite the Havdalah blessing as part of the holiday kiddush. At the same time, you shouldn’t use the Havdalah candle. Instead, rely on festival candles.

What Is a Havdalah Set?

Now that you understand the basic aspects of this Jewish traditional celebration, it’s not hard to imagine what a Havdalah set is. It consists of the different items you will need to celebrate that.

A Havdalah set includes a candle holder, a cup for the wine, a saucer, and a perfume tool.

You should keep in mind that the significance behind the Havdalah emanates from using all your senses while you’re celebrating it. Therefore, the items allow you to achieve this with ease.

candle holder for havdalah

The candle holder for havdalah, for example, lets you put the Havdalah candle in it and see the flame. When you use the cup for the wine, you’ll be able to taste its flavor.

Using the saucer allows you to smell the spices and touching the wine cup for havdalah lets you feel its texture as well as taste its contents.

Each item helps you complete a different part of this celebration. Consequently, you need one of these sets if you want to properly enjoy the day and be able to bless your Tuesday.

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What Are the Havdalah Spices?

spice box for havdalahWhen you celebrate Havdalah, an essential part of the ritual is to enjoy the smell of the different spices you use. In Hebrew, they’re called besamim.

Using a spice box for havdalah (which is usually part of a set) is crucial because it helps you honor and celebrate the mitzvah.

Everyone should smell the fragrance, so you have to pass the spice container around. The specific spices you use vary depending on your community.

If you’re, for example, part of the Mizrahi or Shepardi communities, you can use branches of aromatic plants. However, Ashkenazi people usually rely on cloves.

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What Is the Havdalah Prayer?

The Havdalah prayer is the special prayer you recite when you’re celebrating this day. This is one of the most beautiful and meaningful parts of the celebration because you’re asking for God’s blessing through what he gives you.

In this case, it consists of what you can perceive with your five senses (the wine, the cup, the fragrances, the candle, and the sounds of the blessings). On most occasions, when celebrating the Havdalah, people will hold hands while reciting the prayer.

Can You Reuse a Havdalah Candle?

Unlike the Shabbat and Hanukkah candles, which you must burn out fully, reusing a Havdalah candle is completely possible.

If you want to get a different one, it’s also allowed. However, if you prefer reusing the one you used last time, don’t worry!

Many things have changed when it comes to enjoying Jewish celebrations. Even though you must still follow the commands of the scriptures, there are some adaptations you can make when performing the rituals.

All of this is because technology and modern times have not only given you different possibilities but also allowed you to view religion and family in a different way. Therefore, just make sure that you’re enjoying Havdalah, regardless of whether you’re using a new candle or a used one.

Can a Woman Make Havdalah?

There are some disagreements on whether or not women can make Havdalah. Some people believe that it’s not something they should do, whereas others think they must be included.

Overall, a consensus is that women can make Havdalah on certain occasions. If, for example, they have an equal obligation to carry out the ceremony, then they can do it.

At the same time, women can make Havdalah if there are no men available to fulfill the duty and celebrate the day. Thus, in the end, it depends on your specific circumstances.

Regardless of whether you’re a man or woman who’s making Havdalah, if you’re celebrating this blessed day, you really should have a silver set.

A Sterling Silver Havdalah Set allows you to enjoy your celebration while you say the prayer, hold other people’s hands, and use all your senses to feel more connected to God.

What Can I Use if I Don’t Have a Havdalah Candle?

The braided Havdalah candle is one of the most special items of this celebration. It has three wicks, and it produces more light than other types of candles.

Some people say the Havdalah candle gives you more light than three candles combined. However, the importance of the Havdalah candle stems from its significance. The three wicks that this item has symbolized how diverse Jewish people are. Furthermore, it shows how they can be together in love, strength, and unity.

Considering all the previously mentioned ideas, it is no surprise some communities allow you to use other alternatives if you can’t get a Havdalah candle.

anodized aluminum havdalah setsYou can, for example, rely on an electrical candle instead. In fact, some modern Jewish people encourage others to do this to highlight the importance of considering innovative, contemporary technological alternatives and incorporating them into the celebrations

At Nadav Art, we can also offer you unique anodized aluminum havdalah sets. Their big advantage is the option to customize your favorite colors into them, and their relatively low price.

Why Should You Get a Silver Havdalah Set from Us?

Why Should You Get a Silver Havdalah Set from Us?We understand how crucial traditional celebrations are for you, and we know that you want to do everything you can to carry out the rituals in the best way possible.

Therefore, we understand that you’re probably looking for a beautiful, Silver Set for Havdalah to accompany you during your blessing. Here at Nadav Art by Avi Nadav, we offer one-of-a-kind alternatives.

Our Havdalah set options are top-notch, high-quality products. We assure you that we care about your commitment to Jewish celebrations, so our designs only show elegance, and the materials we use will last a long time by your side.

Choosing a silver Havdalah set is challenging because you need to compare prices and design. Nonetheless, once you pick yours, you’ll probably enjoy your celebrations more, especially because you can keep reusing the set in years to come.

You can find various Havdalah sets ranging from luxurious havdalah set with amethyst stones to modern havdalah set with blessings.


Purchasing a silver Havdalah set is essential, particularly if you want to have a proper place to put your candle, wine, and spices while you get ready to perform the ritual.

We understand that choosing one is often challenging if you don’t know where to look. However, at Nadav Art by Avi Nadav, we guarantee that we only offer beautiful alternatives because we know how crucial this celebration is to you.

By now, you probably understand the importance of getting a beautiful silver set for your Havdalah, and you know that we’re available to help you. Go through our alternatives and contact us if you have any questions – we’re here to help!

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Common Questions and Answers - FAQ

Havdalah is a Jewish ritual performed at the end of Shabbat, marking the separation between the holy day of rest and the beginning of the new week. It includes blessings recited over wine, spices, and a multi-wicked candle, along with the singing of hymns and prayers.

Havdalah is traditionally performed on Saturday night, after the stars have emerged and Shabbat has officially ended. It typically takes place shortly after nightfall, though the exact time may vary depending on local customs and individual preferences.

Havdalah involves several symbolic elements:

  • Wine: A blessing is recited over a cup of wine or grape juice, representing joy and the sanctification of the new week.
  • Spices: A fragrant spice box, typically containing cloves or other aromatic herbs, is passed around for participants to smell, awakening the senses after the departure of the Shabbat spirit.
  • Candle: A multi-wicked braided candle, known as a Havdalah candle, is lit, symbolizing the light of the new week and the distinction between light and darkness.
  • Blessings: A series of blessings are recited, expressing gratitude for God’s separation between holy and ordinary, light and darkness, and Israel and other nations.
  • Songs and Prayers: Various hymns and prayers are sung or recited, expressing joy, gratitude, and hope for the week ahead.