Shlomiya Shiny Finish Netilat Yadayim


Shlomiya Shiny Finish Netilat Yadayim


Modern netilat yadayim cup combining colors and textures to create a stunning piece. A rounded, anodized aluminum washing cup features a shining silver piece which covers the body of the cup. The piece has the words “Al Netilat Yadayim” (the blessing over washing hands) cut out in elegant Hebrew lettering, allowing the base color to peek through. Elegant handles complete the design.

Available in an array of colors.

Our artist, Avi Nadav, is a third generation artisan from a line of silversmiths who passed down the art of making these special and unique items from father to son.


* NADAV ART stands behind this product and offers a three-year warranty. The warranty does not cover any damage caused by irregular use of the product such as scratches.

Prices do not include VAT

  • Description


-Unique and beautiful gift for Shabbat, a party or housewarming
-Beautiful display piece
-Colorful anodized aluminum
-Handmade in our Jerusalem studio


Width: 5.25″ (13.35cm)
Height: 5.25″ (13.35cm)

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