Why Hammered Candlesticks Are Better Than Plain Candlesticks?

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The Shabbat candle lighting ceremony is Judaism’s way of welcoming the weekend in using the beauty of light. The ritual candle lighting is special and holy, so people look for the most unique, innovative and aesthetic candlesticks they can find–making hammered candlesticks a great option for any Jewish home.

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What are Hammered Candlesticks?


Hammered candlesticks are candlesticks made with a hammered finish. This is when the metal used in the body of the candlestick has a slightly textured effect. This, in turn, makes the item’s surface look more interesting and eye-catching than it would if it were left smooth. This is normally achieved, unsurprisingly, using a hammer, which often has a pattern on its end to create the texture.


Hammered candlesticks are handmade and require a skilled hand. For this reason, they are especially thoughtful and artisanal products, which appeal to a wide variety of buyers.

What are the Advantages of Hammered Candlesticks?


aluminum hammered candlesticksUnlike some other techniques, which require working the metal until it is very thin, hammered candlesticks are durable. If you have young children, you will almost certainly want to include them in the sacred and special candle-lighting ceremony–but worrying as they go near extremely expensive candlesticks that will scratch or break if they’re played with might ruin the mood a little!


If you want to emphasize durability, go for anodized aluminum, which is known for its resistance to tarnishing and abrasion–far less need to worry about scratches. This also makes the candlesticks easier to clean.


Aside from the practical elements, hammered candle holders have a distinctive style that is appealing to many. Their texture provides them with an effortless decoration, and, depending on how the craftsman has worked them, can look regal, rustic, or even very delicate. Some styles have only a subtle dappling effect that looks a little bit like the reflection of light through water. Others have a more deliberate, noticeable wavy pattern. It all depends on what you prefer.


The other pleasant thing about hammered-finish candlesticks is that they frequently come in unique, bold silhouettes in comparison with the traditional types. Often, they can look quite sculptural and stunning. This leads to a modern and elegant look that really appeals to connoisseurs of design, as well as younger people who are interested in practicing Judaism in an individual way.

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I Prefer a Traditional Look. Can I Still Buy Hammered Candlesticks?


Traditional Hammered CandlesticksOf course! There are plenty of examples of hammered candlesticks that cleverly incorporate traditional designs and techniques into their body.

First, keep an eye out for material. Silver has been used to make Shabbat candle holders for hundreds of years, and is still considered by many to be the gold standard when buying a pair of candlesticks. Sterling silver options are still available using the hammering technique. If you’re looking for something more practical, anodized aluminum is a great alternative–it looks very similar to the traditional silver, but with added durability.


Then, watch out for details that you like. The filigree technique is extremely popular for making Shabbat candles, owing to its intricate, detailed look. It’s also a technique with a rich Jewish heritage, which symbolizes tradition for many people and is considered the ultimate Shabbat candle by many. So, why not look for a hammered candle with a subtle, filigree-inspired detail? Alternatively, look for decorative borders around the rim and stem; these work really well for people who like the traditional style.


Some models also have gemstones or colorful metals worked into them. These, too, borrow from Judaica’s rich heritage and have a dignified appeal to them.

The beauty of incorporating a traditional style on hammered candlesticks is that it tones down the heaviness that is sometimes felt with traditional candlesticks, while still maintaining a link to heritage. The result is elegant, timeless, and yet noticeably chic.

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Are There any Candlesticks That Use Tea-Lights Instead of Traditional Long Candles?



Why Hammered Candlesticks Are Better Than Plain Candlesticks? - NADAV ART

Perhaps you struggle to find traditional, long candlesticks in your area. Or maybe the idea of balancing a long candle in a candlestick that might not fit it makes you feel a little anxious, fire hazard-wise. Tealights have a more stable structure and are more widely available, which is particularly useful if you don’t live in a Jewish area.


Luckily, many of Nadav Art’s hammered candlesticks have wide brims which are suited to these small, cute candles. If you want to combine practicality with design, consider the shape of the candles you’re using as you browse.

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How Do I Choose a Pair That Will Work for Me?

Large Silver Hammered CandlesticksOnce you’ve considered the style you like, the material you prefer, and the type of candle you prefer to use, think about the size. A lot of people prefer monumental candlesticks that are tall and make a statement. This isn’t just a matter of aesthetic taste–in a Jewish home, Shabbat candles are often a sign of peace and stability, so the bigger and bolder their presence, the more of an impact they can have on some people.


In some families, additional candles are lit to represent the family’s children–for these families, having a larger pair of main candlesticks and smaller additional ones can be a sweet way to represent the family visually (and get the young ones excited about lighting their own!).


Alternatively, smaller candlesticks are subtle and elegant. They also suit smaller spaces more cohesively and provided that their design is special, can be just as noticeable and present as larger models. Mini candlesticks can also be put on a larger variety of surfaces, such as side tables or windowsills, so if space is an issue, definitely consider a mini model.


Do Hammered Candlesticks Make Good Gifts?


Absolutely. Candlesticks are a traditional wedding present, as they are lit chiefly by the matriarch of a household after she gets married.  No Jewish household is complete without them, so it makes perfect sense that during marriages–the formation of a new Jewish household–it is a custom to give candlesticks.

Candlesticks are also appropriate gifts for a woman, as it is considered a feminine duty in Judaism. Having said that, every family is different, and practices vary wildly according to custom and individual custom.


In Summary


Hammered candlesticks are a breath of fresh air in the world of Shabbat candle lighting, which can add a design that is both innovative and recognizable to a Jewish home. With such a large variety to choose from, why not browse candlesticks made in this technique and find one you feel is truly special?

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Common Questions and Answers - FAQ

Nadav Art’s hammered candlesticks are made of anodized aluminum or sterling silver, using different materials to combine.

The unique Nadav Art hammering is both exclusive and special as it actually looks better as time goes by as the black compliments the silver/

Yes, all of the Nadav Art candlesticks are hand-made in our humble studio in Jerusalem.