Personalized Gad Hammered Kiddush Cup

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Personalized Gad Hammered Kiddush Cup


sterling silver hammered kiddush cup features an elegant design with subtle design elements which set it apart from the rest. An open top with a graceful curved, round rim lead down to a tapered cup in a glistening hammered silver which catches the light in its grooves, and a layered base which seems to stylishly glide outwards. The cup is coated in gold to preserve the quality and taste of the wine. The body and base are connected by two smooth silver rings, a sophisticated contrast to the silver hammering, with cut-out silver lettering with the words ‘Boreh Pri Hagafen’, the blessing over the wine, encircling the cup within the rings.
The hammering, smooth silver letters and gold interior work together harmoniously and reflect the light of the Shabbat candles beautifully, which shines through the cut-out ring.

*Cup can be personalized with any name or finished with ‘Boreh Pri Hagafen’, the blessing over the wine, in place of a name.

Lettering can be personalized for any name for a thoughtful and unique gift.

Our artist, Avi Nadav, is a third generation artisan from a line of silversmiths who passed down the art of making these special and unique items from father to son.


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-Meaningful gift for Shabbat, barmitzvah, birth, or any special occasion
-Can be personalized with any name
-Sterling silver with colorful cold enamel and gold coating
-Handcrafted in our Jerusalem studio


Width: 2.5″ (6.35cm)

Height: 4.4″ (11.2cm)

Weight – 105gr


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