Kiddush Wine Multicolored Fountain 8/10 Cups, Straight


Kiddush Wine Multicolored Fountain 8/10 Cups, Straight


This aluminum wine fountain features a modern, straight-shaped wine cup with an elegant flared base in a choice of colors, which distributes wine to the multicolored mini-cups below, in the same style as the Kiddush cup above. Style meets functionality with swerving chutes which guide the wine into the cups below, aided by a mechanism which ensures that the wine pours out slowly and evenly from the source. The cups are non-scratch, and along with any parts which the wine flows through are coated in Teflon to preserve the taste & quality of the wine and prevent oxidation. The colored middle base which holds the larger wine goblet can be removed to turn the wine fountain into a wine cup set, with the bigger cup being placed on the main base. Each cup features two sleek matte aluminum rings and a colored interior, which can be personalized in any color and can be taken apart and replaced by other rings for a fresh change, or for repairs. Kiddush is a shared experience, and this wine fountain recognizes and embraces that fact.

-Available as a set with 8 or 10 mini liquor cups
-Cups available in round, open or straight shape
-Rings, interior and middle base available in any color of your choice

Our artist, Avi Nadav, is a third generation artisan from a line of silversmiths who passed down the art of making these special and unique items from father to son.


* NADAV ART stands behind this product and offers a three-year warranty. The warranty does not cover any damage caused by irregular use of the product such as scratches.

Prices do not include VAT

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-An exceptional gift for a wedding, anniversary or a special occasion for your loved ones
-Anodized aluminum with Teflon coating
-Beautiful as a showpiece in any display cabinet or on any shelf or table
-Handcrafted in our Jerusalem studio

Height: 6″ (15.25cm)
Width: 7.5″ (19cm)

Kiddush Cup
Height: 4.5″ (11.5cm)
Width: 2.75″ (7cm)

Liquor Cup
Height: 2.75″ (7cm)
Width: 1.8″ (4.5cm)

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