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Membership club Terms and Conditions

The Membership Club/card is free of charge. (Your card will be delivered by mail) We may change the membership club at any time.

Current information is set out on WWW.NADAVART.COM

You do not accept any Amendments, you may terminate your membership by writing to "Nadav Art". No refunds will be issued for members ordered prior to membership start date.

By registering for membership to "Nadav Art", you agree to "Nadav Art" processing your data in accordance with our Privacy Policy to enable marketing or provide services to you.

Please let us know via the E-mail if any of your personal details change. Membership at "Nadav Art" is personal and is only available to persons over the age of 18.

How to Join our Membership

To join "Nadav Art", simply press on the "log in" botton on the website.  "Nadav Art" may refuse membership to any person and may terminate membership at any time.

Using your Card and receive discounts

You must show your membership card at the stores or log in to the website to receive discounts. After you log in to the website you will get a code.

The code allows you to receive 5% discount on the first purchase and 15% discount from the second purchase and on.

The discount will be from the full price on all of the items on the website or at the stores.

(No double discount on each item) On your birthday month you will receive a "special birthday code" allowing you to purchase at the website / stores and receive one time discount of 20%. (Each year)