NadavArt is happy to welcome our week-long holiday, we are happy to brighten up our homes with the NadavArt Seder plate and the family joining time at Pesach.

Celebrating with the family at the Seder table after 40 years of walking in the desert, the Jews came to the holy land. we are celebrating as a tradition what happened back in the days BC. After a year full of chametz to be thrown out of the house because of the holiday, cleaning houses and reading the Passover Haggadah with the whole family surrounding around the table, drinking four cups wine with NadavArt Kiddush Cups and taking NadavArt's Seder plate filled with special symbolic foods.

At NadavArt studio we are ready for the upcoming holiday with our amazing products for Passover extremely thrilled for the celebrations, it's a wonderful time to come and visit us at the gallery, seeing our new products made of handmade silver, aluminum, and the jewelry collection.

NadavArt family invites you to raise a glass for the upcoming holiday on the 28th of March at 2 PM and for our two days of launching our new products at the 2nd and 4th of April at 6 PM.