Happy Rosh Ha'shana! Happy Jewish New year!
No, we didn’t get wrong…
Here at our studio we can feel the magic already in the air. We are all in the middle of working hard and tirelessly on preparing and shipping our beautifully made products for The Chag.
We believe that nice silverware is an important part of the festive, happiness and holiness of Yom Tov. 
Honey Dish? Challah board? Candlesticks? Kiddush cup? 
You know you will find them all and much more in a special handmade design, quality and beauty for years to come. As promised, this year we decided to surprise you and we opened here, at our gallery, a festive holiday table that is all covered with our beautiful products. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do. 
So, ladies and gentlemen please welcome to NadavArt's Rosh Hashana Table! :
תמונת השולחן

We would like to wish you and all Beit Israel a happy new year. "Shana Tova"!