We are delighted at NadavArt to welcome our weeklong holiday after Yom Kippur. Gathering the whole family under a Sukkah, eating the festive meals with our new products at the table. The Kiddush cup for the wine to celebrate the holiday, the candlesticks as well as taking the Four Kinds that includes our silver handmade Citron Box to add grace and elegancy to our Sukkah.


Here at NadavArt studio we are preparing our products for the Chag Ha-Asif and feeling it coming, a fantastic time to visit us and see our new products, the silverware, aluminum and the jewelry collections.


A great time to stay at Jerusalem, feel the fall's breeze and look at the holiday's spirit spreading through the whole capital, furthermore, view the beauty of the city with many Sukkah's everywhere.


We would love to welcome you all for the holiday's toast with our Kiddush cups at the 2nd of October 2017 in addition to take a tour at NadavArt gallery.