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Shavuot is in tonight and it's actually interesting that of all the holidays that come and go this one you can’t really tell is coming up. It's more of a quiet knowing without the celebratory fanfare before or after just a whole country of people getting ready to eat some serious dairy. Shavuot is one of these silent holidays that commemorates the giving of the Bible. Its traditionally celebrated by staying up all night learning, fresh flowers, and dairy foods. The idea is that the Jewish people slept in the day of the giving of the Bible when there should have so much excitement that people wouldn’t be able to sleep. So, to make up for that, people who celebrate study or pray the whole night long. As the laws of Kosher weren’t yet given for meat products people eat dairy and the fresh flowers are to remind us of mount Sinai. In the past when the temple stood people would travel up to Jerusalem for this holiday as such there is still a big influx of people coming into the city and hundreds will stream down to the western wall for sunrise prayers.


Its interesting to note how these holidays impact this city so profoundly. Whole streets are shut off to traffic and buses don’t run. Although there are the few taxis and restaurants open the majority of the city comes to a quiet halt as do we. Still we are never silent for long and production will pick up again soon enough. So until then we wish those celebrating a wonderful holiday and for those of you like Avi who refuse to eat dairy, we wish you luck.

Jerusalem has been a crazy place to be this past week with the sitting President of the USA Donald Trump here to visit and Yom Yerusalaim. Between the celebrations of 50 years of unification and the street closures many people have not been able to get to work or leave home due to all the traffic redirections. Jerusalem, as an older city, is not the easiest to get a car through on the best days and these days although lots of fun are not the best days for driving. But for parties? 100% the best!

Jerusalem is pouring out onto the streets to celebrate our beautiful city and all it means to us. There are cultural events and street parties and while, as Israelis, we complain like it's our job there's an added excitement as we have these bonus days off. There is some extra added grumbling as dignitaries are always polarizing and this one is a bit more than most but in general we are a people who just gets on with the business of life no matter what.

This city has a special meaning to us here at NadavArt as we have been part of its growth for so long and seen how the years have marked it. Avi in particular loves this city and will frequently rave to visitors that it is, “the best place in the world!” He pours this love into his work and shares it with all who come across him and prides himself in how his family has played a part in its history for the generations since their immigration from Yemen. As we mark this 50th year tomorrow we are grateful for all this city gives us and the opportunity we have to take part in its long history.